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Welcome to the Newsletter page for our psychic chat community. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from our psychic ezine below. This site used to be the main hosting pages for Delphi Psychic Chat and we still use it from time to time for chat if the main domain is under pressure from too many hits or the chat server is down.

We have a temporary chat room on the page below that can be used when the main website or chat applet is off line. But please be careful as the temp chat rooms do not have the same functions and are NOT monitored with the same efficiency as on the main website.

We have been running our community for many years now so you’ll need to change your bookmarks. If you have not visited for a while and your username no longer works then you will need to rejoin.
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About the Chat Community

Information about the Online Psychic Community

We also have a huge online community of psychics and mediums who give their services for free at our online community called Delphi. Here you can take part in psychic chat and discussion and be informed by reliable sources about the reality of psychic powers. You will be shown how to acquaint yourself with our knowledge bases and be advised and helped with your own psychic development and training. It’s also a fun and informal place to visit where you will meet friendly, educated people willing to give you the free advice you need.

Psychic Information Websites

As well as the psychic chat communities you can learn from our online resources and paranormal section (An online encyclopedia of definitions and meanings). There are also many book extracts and samples available from Craig Hamilton-Parker’s teachings. These include information about dreams and advice about their meanings, teachings and workshops about how to become a medium or psychic and there’s lots of info about the supernatural and the paranormal including sections about ghosts, spirits, real ghost pictures, Spiritualist séances and mediumship. Also check out our huge astrology data base where you can access information about your star signs and love compatibility.

Keeping abreast of latest psychic chat developments

Become acquainted with our online message forums for all the latest news and information about what’s going on in the psychic world. Read through enlightening material posted by knowledgeable people and experts from around the world. We carefully monitor the website content to ensure that only true information is included and delete from our database any materiel that is unsubstantiated or fantasy. This results in an authoritative website that is informed and a reliable source of knowledge. It is the place to come to learn and to teach!

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